We are The Rotman Commerce Sales Group (RCSG), the newest and fastest growing club at Rotman. Here at the RCSG, we value and highlight the importance of corporate sales through our events, workshops, speakers, contests and everything in between.  We are one of the very few Rotman Commerce Groups that is not stream based and all management, finance and accounting students will have value to gain from sales in the workforce from educational opportunities and resources we offer as an association. The importance of sales is further supported by facts as according to the bi-Annual Ontario Economic Report annually 26% of all sales related jobs (in the specializations just mentioned) go unfilled due to the lack of skill sets from recent business and Commerce grads. Additionally, Sales is one of the fastest growing and highest paying industries for millennials with a minimum of a bachelor of commerce and business management degrees looking for work. We will this void and we help you become the best version of yourself when it comes to salesmanship and corporate selling.

The Rotman Commerce Sales Group (RCSG): The Language of Business 

Top Reasons Why People Choose Sales

Career Growth 35%
More Money 33%
Flexibility 18%
More Perks 14%

Corporate Sales By Industry

  • Industrial Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Tech
  • Finance
  • Professional Services
  • Media
  • Logistics/Operations

Estimated Salary By Year of Work

  • Salary (THOUSANDS $CAD)